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My Approach

As a therapist with over 30 years of experience, I can fully appreciate the courage it takes to undergo the journey of self-exploration and healing. Asking for help is not easy. We all struggle, and reaching out for connection and guidance entails both vulnerability and hope. Creating a compassionate, safe, and respectful therapeutic environment is one of my utmost priorities.


I entered this field conscious in my belief that we are all incredibly resilient beings who can rise from adversity, with earned wisdom propelling us forward.  It has been my experience that blessings often come in challenging places, and that our struggles are the teachers.  By allowing these challenges to guide us, we can fully integrate past losses or unresolved pain that is humanly inescapable at times, and work towards a more engaged and meaningful life. 


I genuinely love what I do and am privileged to learn from my clients every day, recognizing our journeys as both deeply personal and of a larger shared existence. My approach values self-determination, bringing forward the internal healing wisdom we all inherently carry. In doing so, please know that I am committed to the life-long process of understanding and applying an equity lens when working with clients of culturally diverse backgrounds, in full recognition of how nonwhites endure powerful and unique challenges.

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