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Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

For the past several years I have been learning about the ever-growing field of psychedelic-assisted therapy, as an intriguing and hopeful treatment option for trauma, depression, anxiety, and existential exploration. For those experienced with intentional use of psychedelics or non-ordinary states of consciousness, I help integrate an understanding of their experiences as a valuable process for healing, insight, and self-development. With the recent passage of Colorado Proposition 122, I am committed to supporting both preparation and integration for personal use of these medicines. Effective 2023, I am a Certified Licensed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist, providing services in collaboration with local prescribers, detailed below. I am also enrolled in an intensive training program with Integrative Psychiatry Institute, with Certification as a Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist anticipated by May 2024. I am intentional in my effort to be poised and prepared to offer MDMA therapy upon FDA approval, pending at this time.


Ketamine is an FDA-approved dissociative anesthetic, since 1970, for the purpose of surgical anesthesia in high doses. Since the early 2000’s, when used in low dosage, Ketamine has been found to be extremely safe and highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction, as an FDA “off label” use, in combination with psychotherapy. Similarly, Ketamine supports personal growth and self-exploration, tapping into one’s inner healing wisdom.

As a dissociative medicine, Ketamine can promote a “psychedelic experience”, often described as a deeply relaxing, “floating” or tranquil state, affording clients a new or distanced perspective of their life situations or struggles. A “quieting of the mind” occurs, allowing for shifts in consciousness, bringing forward new awareness or understanding.

Sessions are planned for three-hours, with most medicinal effects usually lasting 1-2 hours in duration. Preparation is of the utmost importance, clarifying intentions, creating safety and informed consent. The medicinal session is primarily an internal experience, with therapeutic support holding space and ensuring safety. Integration occurs with ongoing psychotherapy, processing experiences, insights and honoring the inner wisdom that can arise.

Any consideration of Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy is in collaboration with a prescribing doctor/medical team, who will independently assess the appropriateness for and administration of the medicine on an individual basis. Most often, clients experience progress within 2-6 sessions, conducted intermittently with integrative psychotherapy sessions, though variable for each individual.

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